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ESA's Living Planet Symposium

This event will take place on 23–27 May 2022 in Bonn

ESA's Living Planet Symposium – one of the biggest Earth observation conferences in the world – is a unique forum for decision-makers to glean information, for partnerships to be forged and formalised, for space industries to join the conversation, for students to learn, and for all to explore the concepts of New Space such as the digital transformation and commercialisation.

During this conference, the MAAP project was presented and a demonstration was held in order to propose the major functionalities and to allow future users to understand the mechanisms of using the platform.

The goal is to understand earth development, prove how satellite data and open science contribute to our understanding of the different Earth systems, climate and theirs interactions.

The MAAP is in compliance with these objectives and embeds new opportunities for the future of earth observation including data collection, processing, distribution and analysis.

This event is organized every 3 years, thank you to all the participants on the MAAP, to all those present at this conference.

Find all conference articles on the ESA website:

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