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BRIX-2: Second Biomass Retrieval Inter-comparison eXercise

BRIX-2 presentation by Clement Albinet

BRIX-2: Second Biomass Retrieval Inter-comparison eXercise represents a joint effort between ESA and NASA to intercompare algorithms specifically for biomass mapping using current and future spaceborne missions.  


The objectives of BRIX-2 are:

  1. Provide an objective, standardized comparison and assessment of biomass retrieval algorithms developed for the BIOMASS, NISAR and GEDI missions, and fusion of these mission datasets.
  2. Establish a forum to involve scientists in the development of retrievals that have so far not been part of the Biomass community.
  3. The adoption of vetted validation standards and methods to compare biomass estimates to reference datasets (e.g. field plots or airborne lidar biomass maps).
  4. Collect inputs from the biomass user and scientific community on data formats and characteristics towards the generation of Analysis Ready Data.


These objectives shall be achieved by making available standardized test cases (based on airborne campaign and spaceborne simulated data), inviting the scientific community to develop and apply retrieval algorithms based on this test case, and finally compare and evaluate the performance of submitted results.


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