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In this processing help, you will find tutorials in order to use well processing tools provided inside the platform.


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  • data

    This section explain how to interact with data within the platform

  • Data management

    In this section you will find all information in order to download, read, or ingest data from Eclipse Che or Jupyter

  • Eclipse che

    Eclipse che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE. In this section you will find all information in order to use well this integrated development environment.

  • Gitlab

    GitLab is a development platform for storing and sharing projects. In this section you will find all information in order to create, share and save projects

  • How to submit an algorithm ?

    Once your algorithm is ready and you are satisfied by the result you got, you can decide to make it public and accessible by all other users of the platform. The sharing process is the following:...

  • Jupyter

    Jupyter is a web application used to program in more than 40 programming languages, including Julia, Python, R, Ruby or Scala2. Jupyter is an evolution of the IPython project. Jupyter allows you to...

  • Maap S3 script

    The maap S3 script is the script provided in the maap stack of to be used in che, Jupyter or even user laptop to push, delete, list data on S3 bucket

  • OGC WPS Standard

    This section contains pages explaining how to use NASA and ESA OGC WPS standard

  • Orchestrator

    Help page to use copa

  • Requirements to submit an algorithm

    All integrated algorithms must follow an organization specific to MAAP. The best practice is to split the algorithm processing in modules. A module is a processing step which includes a scientific...

  • S3 drive processing with jupyter workspace

    Procedure for using the new S3 mount on a workspace. When creating a new workspace or restarting an existing workspace, a menu with the contents of the S3 data is displayed. All catalog data is...