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OGC WPS Standard

NASA WPS - Execute Operation


This operation is a POST request. The request body represents an Execute request where the identifier represents a process identifier as found in the GetCapabilities response in Contents section.

Make a post request with the requested body corresponding to the inputs required (see describe process section) to the endpoint to launch a process

Example of body

<wps:Execute xmlns:wps="" xmlns:ows="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" ../wps.xsd" service="WPS" version="2.0.0" response="document" mode="sync"><ows:Identifier>job-plot_test_ubuntu:master</ows:Identifier><wps:Input id="pass_number"><wps:Data><wps:LiteralValue> 3 </wps:LiteralValue></wps:Data> </wps:Input><wps:Input id="username"><wps:Data> <wps:LiteralValue>username@domain</wps:LiteralValue> </wps:Data></wps:Input> <wps:Output id="result" transmission="value"/></wps:Execute>


The execute operation's response represents a StatusInfo object giving you information on the request status:

A job correctly sent to the server will return a ACCEPTED status info. A job encountering an issue will return a FAILED info Status.

Once the job is ACCEPTED you can retrieve the identifier in the execute response and try to execute a GetResult Request to get the process result.

Example of Response:

<wps:StatusInfo xmlns:ows="" xmlns:schemaLocation="" xmlns:wps="" xmlns:xsi=""><wps:JobID> 1c050cab-d87e-4325-ac98-6296214f298c</wps:JobID><wps:Status>Accepted</wps:Status></wps:StatusInfo>