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Initialise a Gitlab repository

When developing your algorithm, if you want to keep safe your source code, share it with another scientist, manage different versions, you need you to send your source code on Gitlab in a repository dedicated to your project.

To create a new repository for your project let's say Hello-World, you need to :

1- Go to Processing, then click on "Access to Gitlab"

2- Authenticate to Gitlab

3- After authentication, you will access to your private Gitlab dashboard. By default, the dashboard is empty because you have no projects created. You can also explore projects to see all public projects created by other scientists

4- Click on the button "New project" to create a new one.

5- Enter the name of your project

6- Enter a description. This description is very important because it will be shown in the algorithm store inside the platform.

7- You have to set the visibility:

- If private: Only you (the creator of the repository) can access to the algorithm. If you want another scientist to access to a private repository, you have to give him the correct access right.

- If public: All developers in the platform can see your algorithm, and work on it without asking for particular permissions.

8- Then click on the button "Create project"

You will have after the clicking on the button "Create project" an empty workspace, ready to store source code