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How to submit an algorithm ?

Once your algorithm is ready and you are satisfied by the result you got, you can decide to make it public and accessible by all other users of the platform.

The sharing process is the following:

1- Prepare your algorithm for the sharing :

Verify that your project structure follows the structure required for all algorithms inside the platform (check the requirements page :

Verify that all variables used are in the file.

Fill the file with all necessary information in order to understand how works the algorithm.

Fill the Dockerfile. Without it, your algorithm will not be validated. To understand how to complete a Dockerfile, please read the dedicated tutorial in Eclipse Che section.

2- Send a message (through a forum) to the administrator following this example :

WebUrl = <myAlgoUrl>

Algorithm Name = Read

Topic = RADAR

Project = Geometry

Note: If no topic and project correspond to the structure of your source code, you can ask the administrator to create a new one, for example, Topic = Common and Project = Loading.