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How to ingest user data in the MAAP front-end?

User data ingestion can be done with Eclipse Che or Copa

1.Ingestion from Eclipse Che using a Jupyter Notebook:

Open your workspace in Eclipse Che and clone the Demo-scripts repository

  • git clone

Run the next commands to install necessary libraries

  • conda install --freeze-installed rasterio
  • conda install --freeze-installed ipywidgets
  • jupyter labextension install @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager

Refresh your web page open the notebook /demo-scripts/edav/user-data-ingest-from-module.ipynb

As described in the screen below, you can ingest a local file or a remote file already stored on s3 storage

Execute the notebook and fill the parameters of your ingestion (use case example - ingestion from local file)

Results :

To visualize the results open the MAAP front-end and your result should be in the User-data catalog as the screen below

2. Ingestion from COPA:

Open Copa by clicking on Orchestrator in the tools menu

Check this help page to understand how to use copa if necessary : [Link:]

Create your workflow and use the algorithm ingest-user-data-in-edav to ingest data in the MAAP front-end, Don't forget to fill the configuration parameters.

Then after the execution of you workflow you can also visualize your file in the MAAP front-end from the User-data catalog