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Data management

How to download a subset data from the MAAP front-end

It's possible to download a subset data from Eclipse Che in a jupyter notebook and from Copa

1.Download from Eclipse Che

  • Follow the next procedure to create your workspace :
  • Open your workspace in Eclipse Che and clone the Demo-scripts repository : git clone
  • Open the notebook /demo-scripts/edav/edav_make_subset_from_catalog_data.ipynb

Go on the MAAP front-end choose your catalog and dataset and add it on maap

if the dataset is ESACCI_Biomass_L4_AGB you can directly select your subset because it's global data, otherwise you have firstly to zoom to dataset are. Then, follow the next procedure :

After that paste the url in the notebook edav_make_subset_from_catalog_data.ipynb in the data variable data

Then you can run the next cells to download and visualize you subset data

2.Dowload from Copa

If you want to use copa you have to make a workflow with also an algorithm wich will transfer you data on s3 storage to be able to retrieve it.

Follow the procedue described in the next help page :