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Back end

How to discover and access MAAP datasets and products

Discovery service (OpenSearch)

  • Endpoints:
  • 2 levels discovery: /datasets (pagination not supported), search (pagination supported)
  • Service description:
    • To get the list of OpenSearch operations (describe, datasets, search) and supported parameters/functions per operation: /describe
    • To get the full list of API with parameters: /describe.json

Discovery Level 1: datasets discovery

Discovery Level 2: discovery of records

Access service (WCS)

+ &CoverageId=AfriSAR_UAVSAR_Coreg_SLC ß values from /datasets (see above)

+ &subset=unix(t1,t2) ß timeExtent value from /search (see above)

+ &subset=Long(

+ &scale=0.1 ß to resize the output size