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How to customize Jupyter workspace ?

The MAAP platform provide a Jupyter environment integrated in the Eclipse che and a Theia wich is a visual studio code editor.

The platform allows developers to install their own librairies. But in order to have the persistence, developers must be carefully during the creation of the workspace.

In order to install librairies you want, please follow carefully the documentation below:

  1. Login in the Maap platform using the credentials provided by the ESA Team.
  2. Create a Jupyter workspace by clicking on Jupyter under Get started
  3. Please wait till the workspace is initiated
  4. Once you have a Jupyter workspace, PLEASE, click on the terminal
    1. During this step we initialize the conda environment. This conda environment is very important if you want to keep all custom librairies after stopping your workspace
  5. Once the conda environement is initiated, it is closed automatically
  6. Please, click once again on the Terminal. Wait 3 seconds. Then you will see a message workspace is ready
  7. Now you can install all plugins you want, it will be saved after restart.
  8. You can now also change the settings like colors, theme, will be save thanks to the conda environnment.