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How to create a new MAAP workspace ?

To create a new workspace using Eclipse che, these steps are required :

Log in Eclipse che if it is not already done.

1- Once in the dashboard, click on "Create Workspace"

2- Enter the name of your workspace "worspace name"

3- Select DevFile in drop down menu to find the MAAP stack

4- Click on create then on the button Create &Open.

5- On the left, you can find the workspace you just created. You can click on the name of the workspace to enter in (wait few minutes to import librairies)

8- Select the programming language you want to use (example Python)

9- Click on Terminal to run the following commands :

- $HOME/demo-scripts/ 'myemail' 'mypassword' 'myuserid' (Replace email, pwd and userid by real value)

10- Then execute following commands :

- conda install pytest -y
- pip install wget
- pip install nbmake
- conda install pytest dist -y
- pip install rasterio

11- If you want donwload all notebook available in Demo Scripts project in Gitlab (Menu > Project > Your Project > Explore public projects > All > esa-common / Demo Scripts) :

12- Clone the project with https and execute following command in your terminal (in Jupyter workspace) :

- git clone "copy of url"

- Enter your Credentials

13- Demo Scripts folder is displayed at the left, now launch this command :

- cd 'project name' or 'filename' (here demo-scripts)

- git checkout master

- ls (to verify than all files are available and are displayed)

You can start to develop your algorithm. Have fun!