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How to create a Jupyter Workspace ?

The Maap platform provides Workspace environment. Workspaces are cloud based devlopment environment.

In order to create a workplace, you need first to login in the platform using credentials provided by ESA or MAAP Team.

1- Click on Sign then on Sign-In with ESA

2- Login with your credentials

3- Once logged, click on Tools in the menu, then click on Eclipse che. A new window is opened. Click on ESA.

4- You are logged in the Eclipse Che. Click on Get Started. You will see list of Stacks provided by the plaform or created by laboratories working on the Maap. Stacks are configuration with pre installed librairies or data ready to use.

5- Click on Jupyter stack. It will take few minutes. Go grap a coffee.

Once created, you will see this interface.

6- You have now to initialize conda environment and default librairies. This conda environment is also important because it allows you to dont loose your data and development. So please follow this step carefully.

7- Click on Terminal and Go Grab a will take 3 minutes. You will see this screen with initialization message. The Terminal will close automatically

8- Once it is close. You will have the terminal once again. Click on it. You will see the message "Workspace is ready". You can start to develop