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Gitlab and Eclipse che integration

In this part, we will present how to clone a project in Gitlab to integrate it and use it in our Jupyter workspace in Eclipse Che.
Here is the step-by-step process to achieve this:

1- Connect at MAAP with ESA account

2- Click on "Tools" Tab and connect to "Eclipse Che" with user credentials, a new Eclipse Che page is open

3- Click on "GitLab" and connect to GitLab with user credentials (ESA account)

4- Open new Jupyter workspace (click on Jupyter stack), Launch Terminal command, Wait coda environment is installed, Relaunch new terminal command

5- Return in Gitlab home page : https:~//

6- Select "demo-scripts" in project list (notebook) and clone with HTTPS in the GitLab (https:~//

Return in RECENT WORKSPACE menu on Eclipse Che and click on new or existing workspace
In Terminal console clone the GitLab url and auhenticate user with credentials :

  • launch command : "git clone" with the gitlab link : "Copy url" of clone : "Clone with HTTPS" → Enter

Enter credentials of our ESA account (mail + pwd)

7- The new file project demo-scripts is display at the left of worspace menu, if files not displayed, launch following command :

  • cd 'project name' or 'file name' (here demo-scripts)
  • git checkout master
  • ls (all files are available and are displayed at the left on the menu)

The project is now integrated in your workspace you can start to launch your work in Eclipse.