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GitLab is a development platform for storing and sharing projects. In this section you will find all information in order to create, share and save projects


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  • Duplicate a git project repository

    Original post from Duplicating a repository To duplicate a repository without forking it, you can run a special clone...

  • Git complete documentation

    Original post from About Remote Repositories About 90% of version control related work happens in the local repository: staging,...

  • Gitlab and Eclipse che integration

  • Gitlab First Use - Update your password

    Connect to MAAP: Enter your user credentials Go to the Tools tab and then click on Gitlab You will see a welcome page with these two messages Click on 'Don't show again' for the SSH key message To...

  • Initialise a Gitlab repository

    When developing your algorithm, if you want to keep safe your source code, share it with another scientist, manage different versions, you need you to send your source code on Gitlab in a...