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  • How to use the front end

    The MAAP Front End appears as in the following picture. In order to display the data, the user shall click on the Add dataset button (1). This will activate the Data Discovery panel, represented in...

  • MAAP Catalogue data

    On the MAAP front-end all data is classified in catalogues. Here are the datasets available in the different catalogues: MAAP catalogue: AFRISAR_DLR AFRISAR_DLR_geo AFRISAR_ONERA AFRISAR_ONERA_geo...

  • Manage and visualize datasets in the MAAP explore

    How to use Maap explore tools to manage datasets and visualize results ? When displaying data on the map, it is possible to vary the parameters and to use the different tools in order to obtain...

  • Visualize FOS Plots data

    The Forest Observation System is an international cooperation to establish a global in-situ forest biomass database to support earth observation and to encourage investment in relevant field-based...

  • Visualize multi-band data

    Use case: I have ingested a multi-band data in the user data and I would like to visualize it 1. Go on the MAAP front-end, choose the catalag wich contains your data and click on add to maap 2....