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Back end

Apis and Opensearch

1 OpenSearch and WCS2.x APIs

1.1 Server address

1.2 Available Collections

ProductsCoverage IDGeographic CoverageStart dateEnd date
UAVSAR Campaign datauavsar_AfriSAR_v1_SLC_4326_0000141205Lat (-0.384785, 0.096585)
Lon(11.410669, 11.857160)

1.3 OpenSearch

The pycsw catalogue supports both OpenSearch and CSW interfaces; it is used as OpenSearch catalogue since it is compliant with other catalogue services in ESA.

1.3.1 GetCapabilities request

1.3.2 Record query

Generic query syntax{searchTerms?}&bbox={geo:box?}&time={time:start?}/{time:end?}&startposition={startIndex?}&maxrecords={count?}

Example query

1.4 WCS2.0

1.4.1 GetCapabilities

to obtain a list of available collections

1.4.2 DescribeCoverage

to obtain all information for a specific collection<CoverageID>


1.4.3 GetCoverage

To extract data in different formats from the available collections<CoverageID>&subset=[Long][N](min,max)&subset=[Lat][E](min,max)&subset=t(minDate,maxDate)&format=<#####>&colortable=<ID>&scale=<nn>&size=<output raster size>


  • Spatial subsettings values depend on the dataset (see DescribeCoverage output axisLabels).
    • If <axisLabels>Long Lat t</axisLabels> then latitude and longitude values in degrees must be provided
    • If <axisLabels>N E t</axisLabels> then North and East values in meters shall be provided
  • Time subsetting
    • Dates / times can be provided in ansi or unix time (see examples below)
  • format=<##>
    • image/tiff
    • image/png
    • image/jp2
    • image/envi
    • "text/plain
    • application/xml
    • application/gml+xml
    • application/tar
  • colortable=<ID>
  • colorrange=<min,max>
    • the values are taken between the two values
  • scale=<nn>
    • nn is resampling factor (full resolution, 0.1 resolution degraded of a factor of 10).
  • size=<x,y>
    • output raster size

Further the GFIX parameters

  • subset=GFIX(param1, param2, …)


Average image for a specific time in png format

Use of the GFIX parameter

The following tables represent the coding of the GFIX parameters

GFIX parameter #1 label
14043 lopenp
14044 twenty
14045 fortym
14046 sixtym
14048 hundre
14049 htwent
14050 hsixty
14051 height
GFIX parameter #2label

Subset (bounding box),16008)&subset=Lat(-0.2,-0.1)&subset=Long(11.5,11.7)

Time series over a single point

Data From Polygon

Pres-requisites: open a linux terminal

wget -O Afrisar_lopenp_20160225.png --post-data='geometry= POLYGON ((11.591896804755 -0.157816430402596,11.6847843973044 -0.133991801013367,11.6907981530032 -0.208241383062162,11.5892089031614 -0.233710672032188,11.591896804755 -0.157816430402596)) ' ',16008)'