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Front End

How to use the front end

The MAAP Front End appears as in the following picture. In order to display the data, the user shall click on the Add dataset button (1).

This will activate the Data Discovery panel, represented in the following picture.

This panel contains the link to the various data sources, for instance:

  • MAAP Catalogue: the catalogue of MAAP data, imported from the CMR
  • NASA Catalogue: the catalogue of NASA MAAP data, imported from the CMR
  • User data catalogue: this includes the data imported by the end users
  • ESA PDGS: Access PDGS datacube dataset (Alos data)
  • Creodias: Sentinel data catalogue
  • External data: containing links to specific datasets imported from EDAV

The user can visualise the corresponding data by using the following buttons:

  • Center on map: will automatically center the map display viewer on the area occupied by the chosen dataset
  • Add to map: will add the map layer to the list of currently available layers