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How to upload data from laptop to the Maap


To upload a data in the maap, you need first to login and create a workspace. If you don't know how to login or create a workspace, please see the documention refering to this process.

Upload small data:

Data large less than 250Mo can be drag and drop inside the Jupyter, or the upload button

Upload large data:

When he data exceed 250Mo, you have to use the maap-s3 script we provided in order to facilitate the upload in the maap platform.

Step 1:

Download the maap-s3 script from Gitlab, using git clone command or by downloading the zip of the project

Step 2:

Extract the zip file, open a terminal, set the env variables, and install requests using pip. Please check this documentation in order to set the env variables:

Step 3: Upload your data using the API upload.

The command is upload "the/path/of/your/data/locally" "maap-scientific-data/shared/tkossoko/the-name-of-your-file"

Step 4: Download the data from your workspace by using the maap-s3 script and download API.

The command is download "maap-scientific-data/shared/tkossoko/the-name-of-your-file" "/projects"